Available throughout Scotland, natural photography of your dog, cat, horse or other animals in a style that reflects their own personality.

We are very much animal lovers and have two Springer Spaniels who we adore and keep us on our toes. Each animal photography session is uniquely designed around their individual temperament to capture their natural character in a stress-free location or within in our purpose built pet studio.

Pets love being outdoors they feel more at ease and relaxed infront of the camera. I love the fun of capturing dogs on the run or the inquisitve tilt of the head look . There is no static posed which can come across no so natural. If your dog, cat or horse is the more lively pet or whether they are the more laid back nature we will capture the shots that suit their own unique character.

If you have time, please also take a moment to browse through our pet galleries this will give you an idea how we manage to capture your pet at its best.
If you would like to book your own pet(s) or animals on a photo-shoot adventure or purchase a gift voucher for a friend or relative.