Now to organise your wedding day.

You’re engaged! Now what Happiness and excitement aside, we know that the prospect of planning a wedding (and where to even begin!) can be a little overwhelming, so here’s our list of the five things you should do first.

Announce it!

You’ll probably want to shout it from the roof tops, so this one’s a no brainer, but make sure you call as many of your friends and family as you can, before posting about it on social media.

Celebrate it!

Before you start worrying about the serious stuff, take the time to celebrate with those closest to you. But remember, although you might feel like inviting the whole world to your engagement drinks, etiquette says you should only invite those who you plan to have at the main event, so don’t go crazy with that Facebook invite button.


Now for the serious part. Before you book a single cupcake, it’s worth deciding how much you’re going to spend overall and then breaking that down further, establishing how much you’d like to dish out for each separate part. This should stop you getting too carried away from the start and may also serve as an all-important reality check about.

…That’s your venue, band and photographer. These are three of the biggest expenses and the parts you should try to book as far in advance as possible, to make sure you secure the ones you want. Have a second and third option chosen for each, to avoid disappointment if they’re not available.