How windy was it for Sammi and David’s wedding at Landal Piperdam thought the veil was going to end up in the loch😀 Wee Elliot the couples son was a little character he just wanted to play and have fun on the day after all it was his mum and dads big day so why not. The whole day was fun from the start to finish David had the bestman Stewart sign his stookie. Well to story is it was Stewarts fault at the blackening that it happened so he had to pay some how by sigining the stookie when Sammi and David signed the register🤣 Beautiful bouquets were by Forget Me Not The aisle decor by Sparkle Magic Events. The haor was by HAIR About TOWN Makeup by Lux fusion make-up Academy Entertinment by PiperDan. Cale was by Philippa Rose Cake Design Nearly fogot the usher david made the wooden barrel as the table for the cake and sweets.