What a location for some family and their furry friend Clova’s photoshoot. Its fab to be able to still have some outdoor shots at this time of year which can be just the best. Clova is such a placid dog and always looking for a treat or two but arent all our four legged friends like that🐾🙂 Being a pet photographer is really the best job ever. Clova who is a chocolate labrador is absaltely adored by her pawrents. It has made their lives so much more fulfilled and Clova goes everywhere with them. Pet or dog photography especially in Scotland is is made easier with the stunning landsacape we have whether it be the beach, park or countryside we are totally spoiled for choice. Pet portraits within our newly refurished studio which is almost finished thank goodness is what we are really excited about this year. Keep your eyes peeled for more new photos to follow.