Wellies came in handy for Kirsten but not because it was raining on the day but the reminants from the day before. Jordan and Kirsten had a ball on their day and it showed in the photos. The whole day started off with the girls getting ready at the Glen Logie Lodge at thr resort. The cutest ever wee flowergirl Robyn was a little star always wanting to wear the brides shoes as you can see but for the age of three was very polite always sayong excuse me when wanting to ask a question. We met the groom, bestman and ushers in the bar which to be honest is usual just a little dutch courage before the ceremony. Karen the registrar gave a lovely service for the both of them which didnt take too long. Once the group photo was captured off we went round the loch for some wedding photographs. This is a little gem of a venue with lots of little places for our wedding photography. The speaches were quite informative especially about the groom but hey thats what the bestman is meant to do tell all these embarrassing stories. The night ended with the dance floor being well used. The stunning bouqets were by Stucio & Waow Florist and the wedding cake was by Cakes That Lan Did.